International Women’s day

International Women’s day

International Women’s day,
International Women’s day,

My mother has a central role in my life and I chose today, at the International Women’s day I wanted to write about her and what her work has done to many women. She worked for many years at the hospital. She was a nurse and her father, my grandfather, was a radiologists

During many years my mother worked with X-ray, she X-rayed breast. Breast cancer is a severe decease and in order to discover it women is called for an X-ray at her 40. Every two years the women need to come into the hospital. It is very important to show up and to be in time. Discover it in time may change your possibilities for the cancer development.

The nurse starts to ask the patient about her health statue. After that she looks for potential marks or scar that would be seen on the X-ray. With this knowledge less mistakes would be made and it becomes a more secure result from the visit.

One breast at the time is placed on the machine. The breast is squeezed together. This improves the quality of the picture and lower the amount of X-ray.

80 to 100 women

Between 80 to 100 women come to do the X-ray every day. Already after 2 weeks they get their result. The result is sent to each woman, and no matter what the outcome is, a letter is posted to every woman. Getting an envelop does not mean that there is a positive result, or that something is wrong. And if nothing is wrong a new meeting will be in the next two years.


So today at the day where we are celebrating women my message and hope is that all women that got a letter from the hospital will go to investigate their breast. The investigation decreases the mortality with 40 percent. It is a life-changing and fantastic possibility to have them looked up and also a bigger chance to stay close to your family and loved ones for a longer period in life.


I am grateful to my mother’s and her colleagues work they have supported many women through the years.


Source Första hjälpen, Västra Götalands Regionen, Information Hälso- och Sjukvårdsnämnden.

Filling in forms an unpleasant stress

Calos-Filling in forms
Calos: Filling in forms can be stressful.

Stressed and bothersome situations like filling in forms

We live in an administrative society. We are obliged to fill in documents and forms. How we fill it in or forget to fill it results in a certain response from the authorities. If we don’t fill it in correct a response from the authorities is instantly started. Without a correct answer the authorities are unable to take a decision, so the one who did not fill in the form correct will have written answer back that information is missing. And so the process goes on and on.

Sometimes the questioned information is tricky to get so it is not always an easy given answer, you need to spend a lot of time to get the information. It may cause you a lot of stress. And in some situations in life, or period, it may actually cause you extremely lot of stress. It some situation it may arise an overflow in your life with documents and forms in addition to the problem you have. It can be a divorce, cause of death, accident, or a sickness.

The overflow with administrative work is so big and in addition to that you actually need to manage your daily life or work makes the situation even harder.    This is something we very seldom speak about. As citizens we are obliged to follow the law and follow the demands of authorities. However it is very hard to your own voice heard in a democratic society, we shall not forget it is our right to express it and a should if something is wrong.

The stress that cause you the grey hair

The two last weeks I spend answering questions from the authorities and trying to give them their answer. In my situation it caused me so much time that wished to spend on my blogs but instead I been contacting their customer services, going to meetings and writing long letters to answer their question to find out that they forgot to inform me about this form. This is bad luck and a lack in their communication process that caused me lots of stress.

I believe all this communication is big cost and in a stressful society we must strive for a much more tolerant authorities that are listening to individual needs. The lack of time really caused me big problem and their negative decisions a lot of money. But in the end stressful and bothersome situations arise and it is up to you how you deal with them. Think about how you can balance your stress level.

Anti-stress A day of rest is a day without stress

Calos - recover with balance
The stress the hacker caused my can be solved. Focus at the solution and don’t forget to keep in balance.

Stress or no stress?!- it’s your choice

Climbing can be fun but also very dangerous and the fact is that I feel like I have been climbing on a mountain for a long time. I put myself into dangerous and challenging situations over a long time period. I wasn’t aware of it, like many of us, we sometimes do. I can bee that when you are just in the middle of it you just have to put up with it to survive it. You sort it out by holding your breath. And it might challenge you or  it might hold you back.  However it is your choice what outcome it will be. You decide by yourself what kind of direction it will take you. I believe that we all have the strength inside us to manage to survive it. However, I realise that my stressed situation of getting my blog hacked was hard attack on my blog and it took me many ours and gave me a lot os stress. It was a stress that was added upon my other hours of struggle as an entrepreneur. Hours after hour after hours I put down in my work this year. First I studied and I did the morning in one school and than in the afternoon I went to another. Later in the evening I worked to create the blogs so of course I was sad and miserable when someone attacked my page. But what is interesting is the process of stress. Sure I will manage but I learned something important that I didn’t do before. A stressful time should be followed by a period of anti-stress. Take a relaxing day and permit yourself to do nothing, or at least something very nice to keep yourself in balance. And if the stressful period has been long and very intensive than take the days that is required to get yourself in balance again.



Busy doing nothing at all…

At the end of last week I was taking a deep breath and started to wonder how I would plan my next coming week, realising that I had not so many things to do. My schedule is normally full, or even more actually. It could sometimes be filled to the top and than I try to squeeze even a little bit more out of it. But now I was looking forward to this empty week of being busy doing nothing at all.

The week to end had been very intensive. I been photographing on the Americas Cup world series in Gothenburg ( and the job took many hours to do. I was very tired Friday evening. Than I discovered that domain of Calos been hacked. It caused a lot of stress and most of all time. Time that I hoped and wished to do something fun an anti-stressing activity but instead I had to solve the problem for many hours, and work it out between meetings and our work task to do.

I realised than that there are thing that suddenly can happen to you and some thing are not always possible to plan, it just happens and I just have to let it happen. It is out of my reach and I can’t do anything about it. I just have to accept it and not stress too much about it.

I did not stress so much about it as I could. It was a choice I made. I could have let it affect me that much that it may change my mood, instead I faced an intensive work period. I put a priority to it but realised that it takes the time it has to, not more, not less. So I stared to split up the work and solved the problems coming as the timed went by. Now Calos is back with its form again and I am happy to say I passed the stress test.

In balance with nature