Busy doing nothing at all…

At the end of last week I was taking a deep breath and started to wonder how I would plan my next coming week, realising that I had not so many things to do. My schedule is normally full, or even more actually. It could sometimes be filled to the top and than I try to squeeze even a little bit more out of it. But now I was looking forward to this empty week of being busy doing nothing at all.

The week to end had been very intensive. I been photographing on the Americas Cup world series in Gothenburg (www.semarketing.se) and the job took many hours to do. I was very tired Friday evening. Than I discovered that domain of Calos been hacked. It caused a lot of stress and most of all time. Time that I hoped and wished to do something fun an anti-stressing activity but instead I had to solve the problem for many hours, and work it out between meetings and our work task to do.

I realised than that there are thing that suddenly can happen to you and some thing are not always possible to plan, it just happens and I just have to let it happen. It is out of my reach and I can’t do anything about it. I just have to accept it and not stress too much about it.

I did not stress so much about it as I could. It was a choice I made. I could have let it affect me that much that it may change my mood, instead I faced an intensive work period. I put a priority to it but realised that it takes the time it has to, not more, not less. So I stared to split up the work and solved the problems coming as the timed went by. Now Calos is back with its form again and I am happy to say I passed the stress test.