Fashion for ladies


I was invited to the most lovely tea party yesterday. I arrived to the house, which is 30 meters walk from the sea. I rang the bell and the door was opening. I met two beautiful ladies, happy and laughing , warmly welcoming me to their afternoon tea.


Oh what a beautiful table. The light is slipping through the windows, the table is set with Rörstrand Ostindia, plied yellow napkins, colorful flowers in all spring color.


we all had our hats on, me included.






I love hats and at this after non tea party there were many varieties. The attendants really made a great effort with giving an extra ordinary service and giving us a time to relax and enjoy a marvellous day.


Sandwiches in three different kind, salmon, ham and cheese and a vegetarian choice.



They also made gluten free and milk free choice which was a lovely thaught of them








I had the most marvellous experience, loving design, great food and drinks. I certainly enjoyed my day.



Home made scones







An absolute favorite on the table was the home made lemoncurd. Melted like butter in the mouth.






Pannacotta with fresh berries


Strawberry with champagne.