Oh Amy

Yesterday I went to watch IT Expo Solutions. However in the entrance I was stopped. Easyfair did not let students, unemployed and seniors in that day. The manager I talked to made it very clear, she also said that we could not go in and look for job opportunities, neither look for writing a C-essay. However I will tell Easyfair that I did my Master in 2002. Also wherever I go, like many other entrepreneur I will always look for good business opportunities, which I believe is the aim for both the exhibitors and their visitors. In the IT business there are project made, in the time between, very often people are unemployed. The employment and unemployment relieves each other. Also not letting people in at the same time greats a gap between the unemployed IT-technician and the employed. This is an industry that consistently changes and the employed and the unemployed also consistently need to keep up with the structural changes. I knew that for a fact, since I been the coordinator of several marketing projects, also leading IT-project.

Even more fun was that just before entering, a man before me was stopped. He, like me showed his registration document, still he was not permitted to enter, due to the fact that he was not on the list.

I haven’t ever been to an exhibition were I was excuse myself for being who I am and under what circumstances I live. However I knew for a fact, when was an exhibitors-I liked to have as many visitors as possible. Participating in exhibitions are very expensive, even though this was one of the less expensive sort. If the exhibitors know that some are not permitted to watch his willing of pay their price will decrease. An instead of using the exhibition as a marketplace for finding knew ITsolutions, will I as a marketing coordinator look for solutions where concats are taking via digital media until the let us in. However thank you Amy for letting me understand how I want to spend a sunny day. After that I went to Valhalla.