Busy doing nothing at all…

At the end of last week I was taking a deep breath and started to wonder how I would plan my next coming week, realising that I had not so many things to do. My schedule is normally full, or even more actually. It could sometimes be filled to the top and than I try to squeeze even a little bit more out of it. But now I was looking forward to this empty week of being busy doing nothing at all.

The week to end had been very intensive. I been photographing on the Americas Cup world series in Gothenburg (www.semarketing.se) and the job took many hours to do. I was very tired Friday evening. Than I discovered that domain of Calos been hacked. It caused a lot of stress and most of all time. Time that I hoped and wished to do something fun an anti-stressing activity but instead I had to solve the problem for many hours, and work it out between meetings and our work task to do.

I realised than that there are thing that suddenly can happen to you and some thing are not always possible to plan, it just happens and I just have to let it happen. It is out of my reach and I can’t do anything about it. I just have to accept it and not stress too much about it.

I did not stress so much about it as I could. It was a choice I made. I could have let it affect me that much that it may change my mood, instead I faced an intensive work period. I put a priority to it but realised that it takes the time it has to, not more, not less. So I stared to split up the work and solved the problems coming as the timed went by. Now Calos is back with its form again and I am happy to say I passed the stress test.

Balance your stress level

Balance yourself

Stress is always a constant matter that we have to deal with in our life. Calos is about balance in life and stress is a part of your life. Stress can be good and stress can be very bad also. In my earlier years I stressed extremely much, worked hard and so I caused my body lots of stress. Today, more wise from the experience I got I try to stress less.

Many situations may cause us stress. If you are at work you have stress, if you are unemployed you may have stress, if you are a parent or a grandparents you worry about your children and grandchildren. Or if you are a child you might worry about school, friends, relationships etc, we all have stress in our lives. The important thing is to learn how to deal with your stress.

During the last days I had a lot of stress, and I had to work a lot.   However with the knowledge I have learned, what stress does to me and my body, I have learned to put up a limit for how much stress I can take and I learn how much I will manage. I decided that I  do never again want to cause that much stress to myself as I did to myself when I was younger. I have learned how unhealthy that is.

Anti-stress action can be formed as planning. Now with better knowledge about how I react I try to plan better my activities in life. Of course first time you might do something you won’t have the same knowledge about what exactly it requires to make the perfect planning and performance.  But I learn, as time goes by time, that I improve my knowledge of what requires and can be more calm by that. After more practice and by the time I feel  more relaxed. So learning by doing is an anti-stress action that may put your stress level down and the state of mind, the knowledge by knowing that you will get better will help you to calm down .