Balance- Balance on, balance of -how to create less stress in your relation

Life sure isn’t easy.  We all strive with different things in our lives, some are married and live in a family life and some are single and live a single life, bot can be stressful.

In what ever way we live we have to try to find the way to a less stressful life. – For sure it is not easy.

When I met my boyfriend we started very early to live together. In the beginning of course everything was very flowering. When your in love your in love and it itself is amazing. The decision of living together required some planning and extra effort and in the beginning I did not see it at all. WE just kept on going with what we did before and continued to do all the knew things aswell. Well with a simple calculation anyone can understand what happend, less time and more stress!

So even though we planned and packed where we both where allowed to take our time, it even though has been very stressful. It is a long-time stress that both of us has noticed. The stress has come and set down on our minds and caused us an inharmonius  feeling.

Even though the life itself require us from doing certain thing as working and living our life, we said to us that we as a couple have to try to create a harmonic way. For me myself I am very sensitive to stress. I don’t work as well and I am unxious to change it so the life fit’s me well again.

This has become a good lesson to me, we can still be we but we as a couple need to take care of ourself and us we as a couple.

Life is about balance, and when you are in balance you feel so much better, therefor balance is a life goal to strive for.

Sophie Berg.





Filling in forms an unpleasant stress

Calos-Filling in forms
Calos: Filling in forms can be stressful.

Stressed and bothersome situations like filling in forms

We live in an administrative society. We are obliged to fill in documents and forms. How we fill it in or forget to fill it results in a certain response from the authorities. If we don’t fill it in correct a response from the authorities is instantly started. Without a correct answer the authorities are unable to take a decision, so the one who did not fill in the form correct will have written answer back that information is missing. And so the process goes on and on.

Sometimes the questioned information is tricky to get so it is not always an easy given answer, you need to spend a lot of time to get the information. It may cause you a lot of stress. And in some situations in life, or period, it may actually cause you extremely lot of stress. It some situation it may arise an overflow in your life with documents and forms in addition to the problem you have. It can be a divorce, cause of death, accident, or a sickness.

The overflow with administrative work is so big and in addition to that you actually need to manage your daily life or work makes the situation even harder.    This is something we very seldom speak about. As citizens we are obliged to follow the law and follow the demands of authorities. However it is very hard to your own voice heard in a democratic society, we shall not forget it is our right to express it and a should if something is wrong.

The stress that cause you the grey hair

The two last weeks I spend answering questions from the authorities and trying to give them their answer. In my situation it caused me so much time that wished to spend on my blogs but instead I been contacting their customer services, going to meetings and writing long letters to answer their question to find out that they forgot to inform me about this form. This is bad luck and a lack in their communication process that caused me lots of stress.

I believe all this communication is big cost and in a stressful society we must strive for a much more tolerant authorities that are listening to individual needs. The lack of time really caused me big problem and their negative decisions a lot of money. But in the end stressful and bothersome situations arise and it is up to you how you deal with them. Think about how you can balance your stress level.