Instagram and International contacts

Bohuslän- sunset and white wine

I found a lot of new contacts via Instagram. Instagram is great. As a photographer you are able to show your pictures and get the immediate reaction of it.  During the last days I got 200 new visitors and people all over the world and I must say, contacting each other is just the top of the multicultural digital community.

Love at Sea

The picture was taken on Öckerö, Bohuslan. Photographer Sophie Berg,

I’m writing on my script and have a favorite spot in Sannegårdshamnen. On my left I see a little further away a larger party. When they get closer, I see the beautiful bride. She wears a short, over-the-knee-length wedding dress, with marked waist and plunging neckline. She clipped page, and her dark hair color enhances the image of contrast against the chalk-white dress and the beautiful red bouquet.

What luck to have the view when they both said yes to each other out on the dock. The sun loose and the water was flat calm. They had written gracious speech to each other, and I was filled with romance and joy at seeing the two be happy together.

Disappointed that I did not have my camera with me, I had to just realize that it would be a nice memory. However, I had to share it with you what I’ve seen. I called my dad and told him what I saw. Oddly enough, he told me the same. At our summer house in the archipilago another couple married each other at the sea. After this, I can only conclude that there is love in the air.