Couch me out

Lazy days

Today I cleaned the garret and after that I went directly to the fitness centre. My muscles ace, and in order to get more out of it I stopped after 20 minutes hill and 10 minutes rowing and stretched out my muscles before I started to get on to the machines. After the stretch out it was so much easier to do the legs. It was the fifth time this week. Funny enough I started to think about the beach and that motivated me to do some more.

But Saturday is Saturday and when I came home I just stayed very close to the couch and have been laying their, not very proud of myself with only one message couch me out!

The cool guy

I was walking a long the beach when I saw a guy playing with his dogs. I went up and talk to him and asked if I could take some photos.

I think it was great to see him playing with his dogs. Any animal deserves a good treatment, love and care. I never understand people who are cruel to animals. An animal has no possibility to defend him/herself, therefor I think it is very important to be nice and caring with animals. Walking along the beach I met several dog owners, the owners and dogs looked really happy when they were playing in the water. One dog came up to me and wanted to play.