Tapas in Esteponia-Costa del Sol

Tapas in Esteponia-Costa del Sol


I took the bus to Esteponia it is situated close to the sea and the bus tour was very nice. I had the opportunity to watch places from the roadside when we were passing by.


Esteponia has a art gallery and it is situated a bit away from the centre, in the harbour.








The bullring of Esteponia. I never went in. I am very found of animals and I don’t want to watch them getting hurt, I preferred to watch it as a sculpture instead.






Esteponia was a nice village to visit. Even though the weather was not so great I still enjoyed the place.










La Cantina offers pork in tomato sauce, egg with tuna, ribs, fish and many more tapas dishes. 


La Cantina was a hidden treasure. It is a tapas bar in Esteponia and the actual Spain experience I was looking for. Good food in a hidden in a small bar. The owner is a really nice woman and she told me that it was her father who made the pork and the anchovies that I ate. It is possible to bye them in the supermarket, however here they were fresh and he prepared them from the ground. The were marinated in garlic and oil. The meat was firm and served with lemon.