Your choice matter

Organic tomatoes, organic crisp, organic cream, Organic orange, organic blueberry, organic parmesan, cod
 Today I went to Coop to shop food. I come to the conclusion that I more and more look for offers of organic products.
Knowing that it is so much healthier for the body I make the choice of rather eating health nutrition food than buying cheeper options.
Keeping my health is a priority for me.
Organic orange

It is a choice I make, to live healthy as much as I can. And when the products contains more vitamins it is an easy choice for me to make.

Organic tomatoes

I bye organic tomatoes, not only because they contains more nutrition but also because of their better taste, more rich on flavours.

Organic parmesan

One of my favourite is organic parmesan. I simply love the cheese on food or after dinner, which is a good way to balance your acid attack on your teeth.

Organic crisp
 So today I bought ecological tomatoes, blue berries, whipped cream, clementines and potato crisp.
Organic cream
 Knowing that the production line is so much better for the environment is another good to make that choice.    I bye organic products as organic tomatoes and organic cream, believing these products are supporting a well balanced body in order to achieve a balanced and healthy body.